Why Cheese Is Good For You

Cheese is very delicious.It is almost on every single piece of food we eat such as pizza, tacos and when you make simple sandwiches. Cheese, however, has a bit of a bad reputation of not being good for your health although that is not entirely true. I am here to tell you that cheese is good for you and has many health benefits, but  its important to remember that cheese tastes best when its kept fresh.  If you are not planning to use your cheese immediately or have some left over cheese  you can always freeze it for later use. This requires a fridge and a freezer that  will keep it  at a food safe temperature while maintaining its freshness . You can buy the best refrigerators and freezers from True in Saudi Arabia.

Cheese contains fat, so people assume that you gain weight, but that is not always the case. Italy, France, and Greece eat cheese regularly, and they have the lowest rates of obesity. So despite what you hear cheese is actually good for you.

Here are eight reasons why cheese is good for you:

1. Cheese Has Minerals and Calcium
Everyone knows that cheese contains calcium, but cheese is also packed with other vitamins and minerals. Cheese contains, vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and B12. The combinations of these vitamins and minerals in cheese can help keep your heart, brain and bones strong. When you are eating a piece of cheese, you are also digesting linoleic acid which is an anti-cancer agent and it also boosts your metabolism.

2. Excellent Source of Protein
Many people think you can only get protein from meats. The truth is cheese is packed with protein. Cheese contains the right amount of amino acids which allows our body to absorb protein. So if you are trying to eat less meat, try having a piece of cheese to get the protein that your body needs.

3. Less Salt
Believe it or not, cheese has less salt than other foods. If you compare the amount of salt in fast food and salt in your favorite comfort foods cheese is a better option. Many people have to watch their sodium intake so having a piece of cheese can keep your sodium levels normal. Soft cheeses have less sodium than harder cheeses, so soft cheeses are the best options for low sodium.

4. Cheese Has Good Bacteria
Most people don’t know that cheese has good bacteria. Cheese has bacteria that can help prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They can also help with different digestive problems such as Irritable bowel syndrome, Chrones disease, colon cancer and even ulcers. Maintaining good levels of bacteria can also prevent yeast infections. So cheese is good for many bacterial issues.

5. Good For Your Teeth
We all know that dental hygiene is imperative for healthy gums. Cheese can also keep your teeth healthy. The casein in the cheese helps replace minerals that are lost in your teeth. Having a little bit of cheese after you eat your meal can help keep the build up of acid neutral. Cheese can also produce more saliva which can contribute to reducing major dental issues.

6. Natural Fat
Our body needs fat, but it is important to have fat in moderation. Fat is one of the most effective forms of energy in our body. Fat can also help us have healthy hair and skin, and fat can protect our organs. The fats found in a piece of cheese is filled with natural fats and Omega 3 fatty acids. Cheese contains protein and fat, and that combination can slow down the absorption of carbs.

7. Helps Aid In Weight Loss
If you are trying to maintain or lose weight having a piece of cheese can help. Studies have shown that whole fat dairy products can help with weight loss compared to low-fat products. It has been shown that you are less likely to become obese if you add more cheese in your diet. You have probably heard the opposite but eating the right amount of cheese in moderation can really help you lose weight.

8. Cheese Improves Blood Sugar
Having normal blood sugar readings is important especially to those with diabetes. Although it is best to avoid fat when you have diabetes, cheese helps improve blood sugar control and reduces negative risk factors. Cheese is good for your blood sugar, and you can easily carry it as a snack to work or school.

Cheese is a great tasting food that has a lot of health benefits. It has high essential nutrients that can lower the risk for various health conditions. Most people think eating cheese is not good for you but cheese is good for you. Cheese can help maintain your overall health, and you can enjoy cheese in many different ways.

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